Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Last Monday night, I realized I was uncool. Instead of being simply happy for someone, I was extremely selfish. Instead of me listening, it was me who was going on and on about what I want. I've exposed several of my greatest of weaknesses which I try hard to keep in check. Now I'm embarrassed. Those were words I was NOT supposed to tell anyone. Basta na lang lumabas ng di ko iniisip.

Someone did tell me once. Words you say that you didn't think of saying are more often than not, the truest ones.

I don't know about that. What matters more to me is that I've caused unnecessary stress to someone that I sincerely care for. I was trying hard not to think of it, and besides, I am running away in the wrong direction anyway (in a year's time?). What do I say?

But I have to, have to write these thoughts before my mood changes. Because I think they're important.

To top that my heart is broken twice in a row this week. Fate is having a field day doing this to me. I can't buckle now though.

The second one is with my family. This one I couldn't even begin to talk about.