My team leader who went to the US has begun itching the management that I go there. And why wouldn't I? THREE of my very good friends are there together. My team leader, my best friend, and my travelling pal (my best friend's hubby) are there. My travelling pal has already recommended that I do offshore assignments for the project, which would evolve into me being sent onsite.

In a way, I am glad that there are people who are good to me. But in another way, I wouldn't really want to go anywhere else. I am employing my cousin as a direct seller so now she at least have something to earn, I'm reading good stuff about financing lately, and I wouldn't want to be too far away from friends (and uh, prospective women).

Ah better stop thinking about it. Even if I go there I don't think I won't be long. Besides, it's way too early. Two other projects are under my coat right now. At least I have something to busy myself with.