Back when I was a kid, I remembered my own parents teasing me that I was a crybaby. I was, because everything hurt so much. They would tell me, "para ka namang papaya", because as you know a little prick on a green papaya would instantly give out sap.

And as we all know, society programs men not to cry. A funny disciplinary action my dad would give me would go like, "'Wag kang iiyak kundi papaluin kita!". I stopped crying not because I don't want to be hit, but because I was kind of confused how that line of his works >:D

Yes ladies and gentlemen, if the US law (does it exist?) regarding acts of violence to kids were applicable here, I'd be having a field day :} Heck, I remembered my brother having a slap on his butt from my father's palm. You could literally see the outline of his hand on his butt cheek (haw haw haw, I laugh at it to this day). Even my own mom would slap me with those plastic rulers (Euclid? Orion? I don't remember the brand anymore!) when I couldn't, and get this, memorize my homework.

So there, back when I was a kid, I was forced to be a man and a savant. It was unfortunate that they don't know how to deal with a child with signs of autism (me!). But let's assume I'm still normal yet.

Now where we ... oh yeah, I might as well divulge some significant embarassing moments. Yeap, I cried when I watched Legends of the Fall. Alone. In the moviehouse. With people around me.

And at one point in college, I went to Manila Cathedral alone and cried my heart out because I couldn't take the stress anymore. (funny thing too, because it was in front of Manila Cathedral where I broke up with an ex, many years later)

There was also the matter of crying in a hotel in Los Angeles because I missed someone soooooo much. The place was in front of Disneyland even. Irony huh? A place of fun and games just in front and I was there weeping like a sissy girl >:D Continued crying some more for a few nights back in the staff house, just for kicks *tee hee*

Ah, it's been long since I cried when I skinned my knee.