Hmm, no random thoughts for the longest time. So here're the pent up goodies.


I had a dream last night. It was gory.

I killed two dozen people. With a sword.

No, I don't think I'll be a homicidal maniac anytime soon. But I'm wondering why my brain decided to play a Kill Bill episode.

It felt good though. So, yeah be wary about that thought of mine. Mwahahaha.


Playing a new online game, it's called Cabal.

Lineage 2 sorta did it for me when anti-socialism works against me. Then again all games do that. Hehe.

Anyway, I've realized I have more success playing a female character. Another point up against the stereotype.

Funny how I remember one time in Guild Wars, this dude was hitting on me because he thought I was female. Duh.

His PC must lack memory. All he has to do is bend over and I'll give him all the RAM he needs.


I have a new puzzling sensation.

It's about a soon to be neighbor. I want to bang my head on the wall to kill at least three of my personas. They're annoying me.

I'm looking forward to little to no interaction with said neighbor. Or else Mr. Imagination would start tormenting me.


I want to learn film directing.

Yeah. Photography isn't enough for me. I mean it's a frozen picture that you'll get tired of looking at after 3 seconds.

I want something alive.


I'm running out of mp3s to listen to.

Might begin trying out the other genres. Oh no.