All of you love your family right? Okay, more or less, but the general idea is there.

But me, let's say I've become desensitized. Ever since I've graduated college, I've been giving financial aid to my family non-stop for eight years.

That's right, eight years of hard work.

The extent of help I give don't just get limited to my direct family you see. It also goes to my cousins and their families. Done whatever I could. Even so far as looking up opportunities for them so they can make something of their lives.

Before I knew it ... eight years, and I still have nothing.

When I got myself a new job, I just simply stopped.

For the life of me, where the bloody hell are they picking up problems? That can't possibly be a natural occurrence. Nobody's perfect I know, but if you live your life inviting every sort of misfortune then I guess there's no hope for you.

It's not my job to save the world.