Uh, this blog hasn't had a happy thought since forever.

Gone are the days I'd put effort in putting up a picture or two. I've lost sight of what I'm doing this all for.

Well, maybe for now. I mean, you can't stay in one mood for too long.

Hmm. The sun has been for gone for quite awhile. Normally, I'd celebrate weather like this. I love the rain. I love watching storm clouds crawling in the sky. It's like, they know where they're going, and they're really good at it.

But today, I wish there's some sun.

Anything bright and shiny and feel some rays. That and an incoming cool breeze. Who am I kidding? I'm all just writing this because I'm sick in the head and I have a keyboard conveniently under my palms.


I'm at a stage where there's a permanent cloud in my brain.

Can't think straight. Ever. That's why I strive hard to be completely logical. After all, being emotional never solved anything. Except maybe a punched wall. That felt good.

I think my body is confused. It's like I'm still in my adolescence yet at the same time my mind is right on the mark. Some things don't occur to me. And I couldn't conjure out words that aptly describe my situations.

It's pretty tiresome really. Man, even I don't read past entries.

Then again, tomorrow might be good for something. All I can do is do my best for today.