Man, it has been hot the last few days. There's the occasional cloudy skies, but not enough to curb the heat of summer.

Ah summer.

Every year I'd say to myself I'd go somewhere interesting. And it does happen thankfully. I'm not anti social enough that I don't have people to go with. In fact somewhere out there, there's a trip out there I'll hitch on to.


I never really did a long out-of-town trip by myself. Though I've always wanted to do so one of these days. It's just that I never got around to be around strangers. Perhaps if I push myself hard enough I would.


On some geek news, the Kamael expansion is up! Unfortunately, it'll take some time before the place where I play it would it in their client copy. Mmm, here I go again, taking about an hour coming up with a name.

Hee hee, I can't help it, because it's fun. I'd go about thinking what the story for this character would be, or how I could parallel it with my own idea for a story plot.

About that, well, the past weeks I've been thinking about making my own browser game. Yeah, at least that should be easier to do than doing the ultimate one. It would at least help me understand more about the things I do in my job. But first I need to get a good crib going or it would end up futile again.

If that ever happens, I could finally revisit my old story blogs, dream about ideas and code away. That would be cool. Plus, if my creative juices won't trip my brain again, I could actually practice drawing and learn some Photoshop skills.

Ah so many plans.


Tappity tap.

Squeezing out mind juices. Eyelids feeling chilly. Just up until when are you going to type there?

I have a new mantra these days.

It's "Think of Nothing".

It has a zen feel to it huh? Might I say, it's a good password whenever my mind demons are acting up. Emptying my head lets me focus on the fleshy parts of the day.

Oh, and about that, I think I've reached the peak of my work habit. I no longer doze off to lala-land. Right after I sit down, I do something productive up until I go home. Ofcourse there's still the occasional standing around and the guitar mangling sessions less than an hour before going home. Okay, so my day never goes to 100% productive. But I think it's 80% or so, which is good enough eh?

To think I'm not having enough sleep! :3



I'm pondering. What this year would be like before it ends.

*echoing laughter*

That again. I could never wrestle against that one mood. I think I've been rat-mazed to never risk myself again for that situation. It's just one to many. And I'm not naive to do it over again.

I just want it to go naturally if I do have to deal with it.

So far, that hasn't happened in a long time. And I'm wondering if ... aw to heck with it. I guess this'll be the part where indecisiveness would permanently take root. No hope for me! :D

Anyway, enough being ambiguous, time to go home.