Yeap, this phase happens every now and then.

Good news is, I keep on clickin. So just look at 'em pictures in my account there because I'm shutter happy.

Some happy moments passed by. Ate the most delectable fried chicken. Watched some chaps play ball. Learned nothing at all. Thought less of things.

Yeap, that last part is the good one. I have this cloud inside my head you see. Or I think that's what it feels like. A soft puff of something is in there that prevents from having any clarity with my thoughts.

Hence, the blog lull.

Still, at least three personas of mine are alive today. Dumbo, Secret maniac, and Sleepyhead. None of the scary ones for a change. My brain is juicin up some good vibes too, like an auxilliary hobby.

Tomorrow is no office day. Yay.