Okay enough moodiness.

I've been reading Elfen Lied. And before you kids go on and read that, I am advising that it's full of nudity and slaughter.

But damn, it has an interesting story to tell.

Diclonius are mutants that have been living with the rest of humanity for the past 200,000 years. They are supposed to be the next step in humanity's evolution. Unfortunately, for the diclonius to fully take over, they have to do one thing -- kill homo sapiens. And I mean all of 'em.

Enter a research institute whose ulterior motive is to let the diclonius inherit the earth. What's the twist you say?

The diclonius here are children. Growing mentally faster than humans, at the age of five, they can massacre people with their pyschokinetic limbs called vectors. If you think that's nothing, what if I tell you those ghostly looking hands sprouting from a diclonius' back can stop bullets and casually separate your skull from your next like a gingerbread man.

The story explores a lot of inter human relationships, but I find the part about a diclonius child being attached to a surrogate human father to be most interesting.

Anyway, if you can stomach the gore and stuff go look it up.