The post title is mispelled on purpose.

I'm in a terrible mood, but it's not surfacing. Which ofcourse means that my mind is doing endless loops of reasoning and un-reasoning. Wtf. I needs to get out and get these bad things of my head.

And I think I need to get out of here ... this workplace. My other self is biting me every moment of the day about doing something I am afraid of. It's 3 against 1. Yet the 1 is still steadfast and stubborn.

It humiliates me to say this but, I am drenched in fear.

That perhaps because of a string of disappointments, I'm conditioned, like mice in a maze, to steer clear. To stay away from the situation. And I'm being purposely ambiguous because I shudder that this is a public blog and strangers aren't exactly shoulders to cry on (not implying I am going to cry, but you get the picture).