Sunday morning.

Woke up late as usual. But this time I found myself in a mental state I consider doing for the first time.

I am trying to call up a mood. I guess I'm calling it "mood" now to make it sound normal, because I usually call it persona, or aspect.

Being groggy for a bit, I find a block of cloudy thought in my head preventing me from calling out to that mood. I need it for tomorrow because I'll be doing something stupid again.

Oh now why would I do something like that you ask?

Hmm. Let me put it this way. Why would you do something stupid yourself? Primarily because you want something that accompanied it. Something important to you.

I guess this one is important to me. And I'm doing the best I could to get it, regardless of the repercussions it entails.

Kung mahalaga sa yo, gagawin mo ang lahat di ba?

So, here I am. Calling out to that mood. That personality, the part of me I need so I could be cool enough. The thing that helps me see the grander perspective of things.

That all my troubles are little compared to the thing I desire most.