Man this is bad. Insomnia + Wifi is bad.

I've been planning on moving out for the longest time. Perhaps now it is my chance. An officmeate of mine is moving out of her place and is offering it to me. That will happen in June though, so it's a couple of months off.

In the mean time, I'll be stuck here in this humid room with two morons who couldn't damn clean the freaking floor. God damn. Though they are generally nice people, they utterly lack a sense of duty to have a turn in cleaning the god damn room. Dumb asses.

Anyway, it'll be a good change for me to finally get out of this place. Man, has it been that long. I've never really hung out with the people I'm living with. We may or may not have the same interests, it's just that I've kept the relationship in a strict you-there-me-here sort of way. I have no interest in knowing past paying the rent.

Hmm, I wonder about them sometimes. They've been here longer than I have. Are they not thinking of moving?

Ah, not my concern. I'd like to think of new places to be :) Perhaps I should cement the deal with the officemate? She's an interesting person. Reminds me of what I would have been like, growing up normal (heh heh heh). She has this squeaky little voice that annoys me if I hear it too much, and likes to hang out with an unlikely crowd of lecherous men (the kind were your dignity will take a nose dive unless you could dig the humor). Prolly been hanging with guys all her life. But despite all that and the masculine demeanor, she's a smart lass and has a charm on her own. Sometimes she's as comely as the Virgin Mary, and sometimes she's like a bitch from hell (okay exaggeration, no one can be THAT evil ... maybe). My spider sense tells me to keep a certain distance. But I guess in some way, she fascinates me like an aquarium fish. She better keep that room reserved for me >:o

Hmm. I wonder if she reads this blog. That would suck.