Don't have much of everythin'
Livin' in a corner in Boni that's not much
But I've gots the goods and the mood to match
It's 8 pm and I'm here still on a roll
No sympathies for me for I need none at all
So hear this, good people of the world
I'm no kind, gentle-hearted soul
Sometimes maybe, I am arrogant for my own good
Uttering drama about the past and things I never understood
Still cool despite the never ending rain
For this storm is not something I'll kill with my pain
Coz it's a part of me, kiddo, know that well
I'm too good to be crawlin', too proud to be beggin'
Honor bound to see this all to the very end
Do my best, do what's right, and do it patiently man

But I'm cool, I ain't complainin'
Coz this life don't owe me anythin'
I just borrowed time and it's gonna be good
For this little time I stayed were I stood
My ground is where my dreams at
High they may be but such is the price I pay
If you can, remember me man, won't be long for this stay
Coz tomorrow I might be goin', head up high and prayin'
Dunno what I'll be leavin', but that's for you to say
Let's both see tomorrow and live for better days ...

peaze \m/