So it went down.

The beautiful light in the sky is now nothing more than embers and little tektites scattered throughout the land.

But, some of my strength personas assured me that I did a good job facing up to it. Took it like I should've taken it.

So ladies and gents, my fate is sealed. I'll have to travel the road on my own from now on.

Who knows? Destiny is a fickle story teller. It knows no dictator. What you think will happen won't happen. It's exciting that way, and at the same time, utterly horrifying.

Because sometimes, sometimes you just want things to go your way. Mayhaps it's time I accept the patterns I have with my life and stop fighting it the way you want it. Mayhaps Mary had it good when you want things to 'let it be'.

I wish Alice was here. And at the same time, I don't want her here XD

Who knows what bitchin she'll be doing when she hears my story. Or perhaps ignore me altogether. Ah, sucks.

I curl up and let the darkness sink in ...