<-- cool shirt given to me last Friday.

I remembered watching this movie in with an outer space setting. I couldn't remember what it is about now, but I do remember the ending.

After all of the crew died, a robot is left tending to the artificial ecosystem (plants and stuff), watering them as the view fades into the darkness of outerspace.

I find that disturbingly tragic.

I mean, even though this robot is not capable of viewing human oblivion, the fact that it will do a thankless task for all eternity is troubling.

Dunno. I just hate it. I was a kid then, but up until now, if ever I'm like stranded in a deserted island, I better gear up for it.

You guys do know when a human is out of contact with the rest of humanity dontcha? Yes, insanity. Much like that Tom Hanks movie. And I'm pretty sure my speech skills will gradually degenerate.

And since I'm easily bored, I'll be running around the island like a maniac.

Unless it's an island filled with ganja. Mmm ...


I don't know if there's anything I can do with my volatile memory.

I claim it is very short except for remembering very important details. I mean yeah, it's good to forget bad memories, except that it's taking good ones with it.

Which sucks donkey ass.

So I couldn't remember much of highschool or college. I could recall some out of strange conditions. But generally, if I try to reminisce, all I could see is void and darkness.

I only started drinking after graduation. So that crosses out drunken stupor as a cause.

Perhaps because of teenage angst? You know when you hate your life, you try to forget it. But I couldn't remember if I hated anything back then.

Ah forget it *lol* maybe the effort of trying to remember won't be much of use to me anyway.