Yeah, that's a line from a classical song *guess* *guess*

So there I was, in a swirling void of self-destruction (as usual). Geez, at this age, I should be doing something else. Mmm. Must be my elven blood.

You know, sometimes I just think I'm a pointless dot in existence. In the grand perspective that may be true. Then again, us mortals only have this perspective: the things we see with our eyes. Okay, don't think of any more Little Prince quotes.

It's just you know.

There are reasons bigger than me. And I want to always remember that. There have been nobler things that driven men. Likewise, there are greater horrors other men have encountered. Compared to my troubles, they're hermit crabs scuttling against a century-occurring tsunami.

And having that perspective, melts away all the swirling chaos in my head.