Mmm. Once I get this blog redesigned, I'll make it more cheery.

The background tile (it's the characters for 'Fa Mulan' for those of you don't know) is from my old website. But the after-effect of the content never changed. It's still a drag of all the mental baggages I have that I couldn't otherwise release. Because hey, in real life, I'm all good yo.

Now that I've known tons of CSS, I'd like to practice web designing. And okay, enough of the self-inflicted pain. After I get a new place, I've got great plans, good plans. I can take care of myself better, and that should affect how I think.

I know I'm going to pay a high price for the liberties I'll get, so we'll see if it's all worth it. I'm thinking it is though. See, optimism right there. Something missing for a long time.

Incidentally, from up this office window, I can see where I'm gonna live ...