Ahh, still basking in the after glow of Batanes.

So to those who have access to my multiply account, go check it out, as well as my friends'. They're the one who took the awesome shots. I'm there just to have fun shooting.

In other news, I simply cannot stop thinking what to do with my new place. It's only just a studio type room, but hell, it was quite unexpected that I'll have endless things to do with it.

I guess that's what freedom is.

Unfettered, unhindered, and everything for yourself. You can call it orgasmic greed -- when you power over everything, you feel good about it. I can do a thousand things for myself.

In fact, what's occupying my mind is interior decorating it. I'm into wood stuff because it feels 'natural'. No plastic bloc chairs please or anything artificial. Though yeah, plastic is easier to clean, so I'll give it a compromise.

I'm still staying with my old haunt though, just for the free cable. At least, for a month more.