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When I'm bored, I sometimes go to Ministop or 7-11 and buy a drink I am not familiar with. Today's experiment is STING. It has ginseng. And citric acid. And ascorbic acid. And caffeine. And now, I am palpitating. Woo-za!


There are things you cannot escape. Things you are born with, and just couldn't shake it off. I'm constantly banging my head just to be sure I am still in my right mind. But damn.

Have I lost this much love?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketBlatantly putting it, have I become apathetic and really, really mean? Worse, have I become indifferent? Oh wait, I think it's the same thing. Nonetheless, whenever I explore the fact that I no longer cared ... I dunno, I felt something is wrong with me.

Then my other self would reply, "Dude, nope. These are one of those instances where the situation has made you. The world is 50/50 boy. You shape mountains, mountains fall over you ..."

Sometimes I'd like to strangle myself. Pero ayoko. Masakit e, hehe.

One thing's for sure. I have no idea what sort of talk I'll have with my auntie.

And another thing. It's not over. Sweet mercy. Uuuuuggghhh.