I came to work today.

But I'm absolutely sure I can't be focusing 100%. Anyway, one of my officemates, Joie came in later the day. We had lunch together, and well, it's nice that I was able to finally have someone I could talk about family stuff. Not necessarily asking for advice, but you know, some bottled up things that need to be said just so you could sort them out. Anyway, I've always had an impression she has wisdom that I still haven't gained yet, so it's a learning session as well.

It's also refreshing that she understands how people like me think, at least that's the impression. Sort of like Alice, minus the nonsensical, bitchy lines (uh-oh, batu-bato sa langit). I'm not considering myself a fully-artistic type of person, but yeah, I have similarities with people of the stereotype. But a lot of many differences as well. At least I'm not at the extreme end of the spectrum.

Birds with the same feather, that don't flock together? Hehe! I guess we like keeping stuff to ourselves. Perhaps the only gratitude I could give is help her on some front end stuff.


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAh! Season 2 of Honey and Clover is going to be shown on Animax! The only anime with cute characters that I actually watch. Because you know, they're not Hello Kitty cute, but more of hilarious kind of cute. And it's not sappy too!

I also like taking in bits and pieces of subtle lines here and there. It's really cool.