Just read a post on a thread I made in hifi that having emotions getting the better of you is a sign of mental weakness. Perhaps add the qualifier on how often it happens (as humans cannot truly be void of them).

That made me think because I used to say that a lot to other people. Up until I met someone whom I can't say is mentally weak as she's at the same time, emotionally tenacious. Makes sense? She is so at home with her emotions that she knows how to use it. If it hurts, she cries. After that, she smiles. She knows the cycle of it, so she's not afraid of just letting all out.

I would have told her many times that, wow, you're such a whining cry baby and it's really annoying. But I didn't. I told her being that way is being weak. She replied by saying, but being weak doesn't mean being wrong.

Somehow I couldn't contest with that.