A month to go.

I've reached late 20s yet still, I feel no less different than when I arrived at my early 20s. Heck things are even better. I am no longer afraid of a lot of things, where I am going for one thing.

I find it funny when people think I'm intimidating, when back then I'm actually xenophobic. I'd go away in long trips to the coffee plantations by myself when mom has visitors in the house. I wouldn't even want to be seen by my neighbors :} Right now, I barely know their names even, some of them being my own close relatives.

Nowadays, I bask in the presence of people when they're around. I still prefer being with myself ofcourse, being the solitary creature of darkness and gloom that I am. I guess that's one trait that made me a bad boyfriend (hello my beloved exs :}). Perhaps I should warn them of that one next time, haha.

Also, back then, my mind was still soaked with a canned mindset shoved by my beloved parents. It did serve a good purpose, but I grew out of it and had to think really for my own.

Still, there are a lot of things that have not changed. I'm more potential than kinesis. That's why I need someone with fire. If you know what I mean.