Yeah, that's what I'd like to say. I actually missed going to the office. I missed listening to my mp3s, I missed checking mail anytime of the day, I missed the free surfing privileges (lol), I missed the people who's fun even though they're not doing anything at all (read: zombified as I am looking at the computer monitor), damn.

This is not about just working anymore (or, uh the pretense of it). This is what defines me now. It's like you know, you'd miss your favorite pair of gloves and wouldn't want to be parted from it for too long.

Well, anyway. Felt another vein break :/ ugh. My mojo dipped real low the recent nights. I wasn't able to erase her face from my mind. But at least now, I am not entranced fully by an obsession so to speak. I have acquired this state of mind where I see myself doing what I am doing. And not just some blind child groping in the dark about the overwhelmingness of it all.

If I was any younger, I could've fared worse.

That's enough self-strangulation for the day. Time to play some more mp3s, and surf some more :}

Who knows, I just might find something today that'll change the rest of my life.