I was invited by my cousin to go to a birthday celebration of his grandson (yes, that old), and as usual, I was late.

You see people, I'm not exactly a loving member of the family. I'd consider myself apathetic for the most part. Yet when I speak, my voice is always heard. As I was preparing myself for blaring out anger for not contacting me if they're still in Jollibee (called them but none was answering), I thought maybe I'd just be better off going back to the condo.

As my arrogance would have had it, part of my mojo stems from them. Whatever can be said about my family (in this context, also means 'extended' family), be good or bad, you cannot defy the fact that they are very loving. No matter if you've done so much to lose their trust or whatever.

So I guess I'm here now. Basking in their presence. And pulverizing my brother blissfully :}