It was a saturday, me here sitting
Just listening to your stories, enjoying
How you can just be almost oblivious
To the nameless people, away, passing

The night ended, forgot how better to say
Goodbye to a pair of eyes i want to see again
Hailed a taxi, closed the door of the cab
Half sleeping, half hoping, still dreaming

In my mind it felt like i was gazing at you
Even while my eyes were tightly closed
And even when they're awake and open
It felt like straying into a fabled dream

In a way, i can't tell if you wonder or care
About this melodramatic poet writing now
When i first saw you, i knew you'll be a stanza
In a my life's poem, uncertain of its own flow

so if you read this, i do hope with fervor
that it is with your thought that i do this for
in your busy time, and give you a bit of a clue
i want something like saturday, and be near you

... but it's hard trying to get near you
Through this small screen on my cellphone
So i turn this despair into painted words
Into a shape of your face written in a poem