I wish it would rain some more (although that would have adverse effects on my laundry). I'd just want to feel cold weather and have my hands go numb. At least, those are somethings that would help me relive some memories.

Don't get me wrong ... not beloved memories.

Of all things I could remember when I was a child, it was walking from school on the side of a highway while raining. I would have my raincoat on, but that doesn't stop the chill seeping through. To most other kids, they would've whined about having their parents come for them.

Not me. I would actually endure being uncomfortable simply because I didn't know I could choose not to be. Halfway my feet and hands will have no warmth whatsoever, and would look like dead limbs from the lack of blood or color.

Yet I would walk on, my mind preoccupied with nothing but the sight of pebbles on the side of the road as they pass by my blank eyes. I would occassionally look on the road side and meadows for things interesting to see.

If I see a beautiful flower, like a hibiscus (tagalog: gumamela), I would pick it up, and bring it to my mom. Sometimes if I see an unusual kind of flower, I'd be creative and combine it with a hibiscus.


Hibiscus -- reminds me that I find it the prettiest flower back then, but I frown at the fact that it is scentless. If it had its own fragrance, any would do, I would've picked them more often.

Sometimes I would see butteflies alight on one probing it with their proboscis, and I would think, why would they want a scentless flower?