Been trying to get a new passport, and as bad luck would have had it, I lost my birth certificate. Now as I was contemplating on the thought that when I first got my passport, I've waited like three long lines in the NSO office just to get things done, I Googled NSO and voila! They actually made an online version of it.

I was a bit ecstatic aside from the fact that all of their payment procedures are some sort of hassle. One is going straight to UnionBank, two use the PORT service if you have an online account with UnionBank (which I don't have) OR with a Megalink bank, and three credit cards.

Now the last two seem viable options for lazy leg Quentin, but no. First of all, why the hell is PNB not included their list. I proceeded to e-mail the webmaster about it, but as expected, no reply. I was thinking of hacking into their system, but changed my mind. Second, I own only ONE credit card. And it is expired. With Citibank still OWING me one and a half grand. I must've overpayed them somehow, but I think my credit card account is still effective. They just didn't send me a new card I suppose. I tried calling their help, but it's as ineffectual as the rest of their services.

So, I opted to getting my ass to the nearest UnionBank, which is a good walk away from the office anyway. Thank heavens for the cool weather. At least that's that. My only apprehension now is that the status on my request is not yet updated online when I checked back at the office.

Oh well. At least I don't have to go to NSO. Btw, it says there we all total less than 85.2 million on our little homeland.