Quentin: Just a part of the fantasy novel I have been building through the years. Just wanted to post it here as a reminder that I have a lot more to go.

I was a soldier, but I have no memory of the wars I have fought. My only proof - the dents and scratches on my armor, and a note. That I have come to this world to discover something, to know, and to understand why I am no longer a destroyer. It also warns me not to try to recover my memories, at least not yet.

For months I have wandered the desert where I gained consciousness. A few times I have encountered creatures not totally unlike me in form, but undeniably crude and weak. Since they are of no use to me, I killed them and continued on walking the vast expanse of sand. Their minds are weak as well, as they seem incapable of mind-speak. Ironic of the fact that their body size encompasses mine somewhat.

Until I came to a settlement, full of the same weak creatures I have encountered not too long ago. Since I know that they have no power to destroy me, I continued on, looking for their leader.

These creatures parted to make way, but their purpose for doing so is unknown to me. Even though I can read their minds, none of the information I get from them make any sense, hence is useless. I would have decided to destroy this settlement, but I am in need of information.

Until at last, I came in front of a seemingly old version of these creatures. Even though I can now associate the vocal sound coming out of their mouths with what's in their minds, I took its message directly from its brain.

'He' is 'welcoming' me in this place called 'Miramina'. 'He' is asking what 'he' can do for me. I took this chance to read their minds altogether and piece the information ever since I have woken up. These creatures are called 'men'. The one in front of me is named 'Faros'. He is 'respected' by all these 'men'. And they call him 'Faros the Benevolent', and that they will listen to 'him'.

Such a position would enable me to learn more of this world. So I reconstructed their vocal language, and told them all, "I am Faros". I then crushed the old man in front of me with my hands.

Something called 'fear' emanated around me, coming from these 'people'. From somewhere among them, amidst the 'fear' and 'despair', I picked up the word 'tyrant'. I looked for the meaning of this word, and then I continued,

"I am Faros the Tyrant. You will all do as I say".