Yes ladies and gentlemen. I'm made of mush the past few days and I'd like to re-evolve back into a vertebrate mammal capable of coherent THOUGHT. This time, I want my spine to be made of tempered steel.

So I'm looking forward to mama tsilu's birthday so I can down something sufficient down my throat. I'm liberating my mind of which is naturally helpless (to mush, but only at certain times of the day), nurse it back to suave-ness, and proceed to breaking people's hearts once again! Yes indeed!

I must regain the status of that romantic, lone wolf-rebel without a cause. Always looking out into the horizon searching for my dreams beyond the corn fields and plains ridden with tumbleweeds dancing to the chill air. With the road as my pillow and the guitar as my muse, friend, and lover, I'll serenade the moon and woo the stars!

I am no one's property! The only one who can take me down are the bravest of warriors mad enough to toss my corpse to the wolves or the the most charming of dames who can conquer a hundred hearts with but a wink.

Still, my road I'll take again, once I get my mojo back. And become healthy again >_<

I SWEAR I'm right
I swear I KNEW it all along
and I am FLAWED
but I am cleaning up SO WELL
I am SEEING in me now
The things you SWORE you SAW yourself ...

like hope ...
dangles on a string
like slow-spinning redemption ...