Just something to help get my mojo back. It helps to count your blessings whenever you forget to:

1. I'm employed, fairly successful without even trying.
2. Respect :} there's a few a-holes every now and then, but they're pissant.
3. Opportunities are waiting for me.
4. I have good friends. They may not be many, and as usual I like treating them like hamster experiments, but they're cool people. I thank mama tsilu for finding me most especially.
5. I have the most joyous birthdays anyone could ever wish for *hint* *hint*
6. I have a vacuum cleaner :}
7. My guitar.
8. The free internet at the office.
9. Ortigas is such a nice place.
10. QLC is over, thank heavens.
11. My durable laptop *tee hee*
12. Haven't committed crime yet ... hehe
13. Still have a working heart. Oi, my chest pains are no longer there!
14. My comfy bed.
15. My laundry skills are improving. Thanks Surf! >:D
16. Music. Thank God for music.
17. Living in a country where I'm not oppressed. I should be thankful for that right?
18. Beautiful people.
19. Still a fool for love :}
20. Being able to remember to count my blessings!
21. My hands. I'm able to write poems and make drawings with it still.
22. My eyes, because I can still see despite the glasses. Better than blind eh?
23. The condo where I'm staying. It's a good choice.
24. The easy ride to office.
25. My dreaming mind.
26. My family :} despite the desire to kill them all, I kinda still love 'em to bits.
27. Mouthwash.
28. Still a bit of my mojo left :}
29. My current perfume. Mont Blanc.
30. The barongs and slacks I bought. They were good choices.
31. OPM. Thank God for OPM.
32. I love animals :} Thank God for the existence of furry creatures.
33. Cavite. I want to go home :(
34. For the most part of my life, I haven't made a mess out of it.
35. The last girl I dated. Yes, you are a blessing :}
36. The women who truly love, loved, and continue loving me. Thank you.
37. Books. The tons of books I have.
38. Century Tuna. Tuna Misono. California Maki. Mmmmmm :*)
39. Apple juice.
40. The freebies at the office.
41. Manga!
42. This blog!
43. My mama! and auntie! I have two moms :}
44. My officemates. DoTA and GW people included! YOU ARE teh MEN !! woot!
45. My best friend :} She believed in me.
46. My team leader :} She believed in me too.
47. The cheap but relatively good lunch.
48. Sbarro. Avenetto. I love their pasta and spaghetti.
49. Just about everything in this world. Pagod na ko e, hehehe
50. Realizing after writing all this that, my life itself is a blessing.