I believe my melodrama is coming to a close. I'm closing my doors for a time (for renovations or repairs maybe, or whatever), take a rest, and spare my aching head. Sometimes I have emotional constipations, but you know, the male specie is mostly plagued by that condition. Opportunities might be passing me by while I'm sulking I know, but if I grab it for the wrong reasons, then I am wasting it nonetheless.

You could have it all
If you learned a little patience
For though I cannot fly
I'm not content to crawl
So give me a little credit
Have in me a little faith
I wanna be with you forever
Tomorrow's not too late

But it's always too late when you've got nothing
So you say
And you should never let the sun set on tomorrow
Before the sun rises today

If I am
Another waste of everything you've dreamed of
I will let you down
If I am
Only here to watch you as you suffer
I will let you down!