I would, at times, find myself easily annoyed by several things in people, regardless if it's in the office or in casual get togethers. Most of them are the the categories stupidity, redundancy, incompetence, insecurity, weak-mindedness, or just plain, y'know? dumb.

I know you can't fault people for those things. But when my cruel nature flares up, it's pretty much a struggle to keep my thoughts to myself. And they say I look like a good, kind person.

I've watched Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire last Saturday. And I may say, I was entertained all throughout. I've never read any of the books, but I do know a thing or two about what this character is like, their demeanors and how they relate to everybody else. I don't mind things like gilly-weed and some other plot devices being strewn here and there.

The dinner before that was fine too. Pasta is always nice. I prefer Sbarro though.