Last Saturday, I went to a little celebration because a friend arrived from Bacolod (hullo Tsilu!) and had a bit too much eggs at Heaven and Eggs. Geez, do they know the cholesterol those bring? Hehe, at least they don't serve delicious quail eggs. I've tasted better Vigan longganisa though, the ones served there were like diluted of their flavor.

But anyway, my mind didn't come without its usual garbage that night. I was a bit of a bind because I was in the process of making up my mind if I really want to stop being single. As it is, that's when the other Tsilu told me at least two people who thinks I have a beautiful mind.

Now that was no small kind of surprise. Not because it was the first time I heard it, but because it was so long since the people I hold beloved (romantically both of them) told something like that to me. One was a person whom I have denied my friendship, and the other was someone I have denied my promise. It does puzzle me in a way, because I think no differently from the next schmoe. Heck, put me in front of an all man's club and the only thing you'll hear from my mouth are boobs and asses (and some other expletives). It's not that that's the real me, but because it is also part of me.

I sure am not someone who'll be seeing patterns out of a random set of numbers on a blackboard. I don't even think that hard that you'll say I ought to be a loony. Although I do admit I have taste for reading Newsweek and books on Philosophy, Psychology, Biology, Astronomy, History, Religion, Health, Applied Sciences ... but I only skim at the surface. Just looking for something that I could use or satisfy a curiousity.

Now let's go to the second part of this post. I've noticed that people I date think I'm slow. Probably true. If not for the fact that I'm giving my dates a chance to know me instead of acting like a princess and demand. I know the cliches still hold true for most situations. I simply am acting for something that works for me. If I am suddenly taken in a quick haze of "I do's", most probably you'll find me wanting my freedom back again. I don't change my mind as often as most people. That's why I'd like people to know that when I set my mind on something, it's pretty much a one way track.