Lately I've been using the word choose a lot. So to make things good for a change, I'll choose to post something besides the usual gripes/rants/etc. Because if I do too much of those I might lose my status as that handsome rebel without a cause. Ok.

First off there're the Christmas parties. I'm sure all of you out there will be having some of this in some form. Be it office, or school, or office. And our little office version will be an anime costume event. Now, this is quite up my ally, but not the "dressing" up part. I mean that is just so cosplay.

Looking at myself at the mirror, I have these candidates for a costume

- Itachi Uchiha (w/ the glasses) *unfortunately, I don't have rowdy enough hair for the 'do, but I do have those weird eye-cheek lines. I'm comfortable with his personality too
- Gaara *probably easiest for me. All I need now are some heavy eyeliners and something to cover my eyebrows. Some henna tatoos and a big gourd are things I need to worry about.
- ... ok, fuck, I dunno what else. Lunar Legend Tsukhime? Mirmo de Pon? LOL