Forget the time it's nothing
We touch and see
All this is fine
Even as it crashes down on me
Looking around there's nothing
That I could want
More than to tell you
There's no more that we've already got

I'm just putting this post up for a couple of sorries for two kiddos. Sometimes I project that I'm a total wreck and I would worry people. Take for example my friend Tsilu who was asking how I was doing one time. My reply:

Hi, I'm in the hospital. I tried to commit suicide.

I'm every inch a crazy guy, but not bonkers enough in the head to do such a thing. Though I admit I did attempt it many times during highschool by trying not to breathe (which is a medical impossibility btw).

Then there's Zee, who's a recent witness to my melodrama, knew that I was sick on the last beer guzzle session. Told her I'm out of some fever the morning after but is still ill. She asked what was wrong and I replied:

I have cancer.

Ok, I'm sure it was a farfetched sort of situation to be even remotely believable, but I think I've hit too hard on that >:D Sorry.

Now as my friends know, I have no habits that can be considered hazardous to my health. I don't puff, I drink every once in a while but I do prefer wine actually. I'm a careful goof who don't go out there catching some disease to spread as I don't play around. If I was any more of a square than I am now I would be a really boring person.

But! As luck would have had it, I have a few screws loose, and there's no screwdriver for it :}