Though of putting this nifty mental idea down. I'm going to give names to three personalities I have (yes, sorry, I'm not normal anyway). Here they are :}

Francis - my original personality. He is moody, brooding, and beset by strong emotions. He's been lately on the surface the last posts, perhaps because he's been too distraught by a few recent events. He's the product of me being a sick kid, yet he is the most thoughtful, caring, and sensitive. Downside is, he's a wimp, and has dominated a good early part of my life up until college freshman. Xenophobic and an introvert, he's usually more trouble than help during normal situations. He's my heart.

Anche - the playful, carefree personality. If there's anything obnoxious going on, this is the guy who's doing it. He's basically a tripper, but only edging at tactlessness. Currently, he's the personality who comes to office everyday just to goof off. He wasn't actually born up until college, when I encountered all sorts of assholes and mavericks alike. A crowd pleaser, he can be charismatic given the spotlight. He's my soul.

Quentin - let's just say, he is the most serious of all three. One ironic thing about it, is that he is Francis' opposite on a lot of views on things (Anche being the neutral, as he really don't care) and is the source of most of his mental crashes. His blood is philosophy, and ironically, he's the maker of poetry and the controller of the drawing hand (as well as being the cusser). The logical decisions that he makes are not always foolproof, but he's the backbone when things go wrong. He's my mind.


So there, I'd like to put in a sample of these three just bashing each other. Topic? Well, this one favorite person lately ...

Francis: I'm falling for her (see post somewhere below).
Quentin: What the fuck are you talking about? You barely even know the person.
Francis: So? We've always been doing things your way, now it's my turn.
Quentin: You daft moron, what's this about your turn? It has always been your turn, you with that 'follow your heart' cliche.
Anche: Hi guys. We need to do laundry :}
Francis: Ok, then who was the one doing the ... awk, nevermind. We have a situation here. We need to get our act together.
Quentin: For once I agree with you. But you're not part of this act.
Francis: What?!
Quentin: You heard me.
Francis: Like you can do that. I'm the cupid that drives all of this, remember?
Quentin: Fuck I remember. And we were so fucking messed up that time and look what happened. We wasted YEARS. Let's do it RIGHT for once ok?
Anche: I'm hungry :(
Francis: Look, I obviously don't like you then and I don't like you now. So what will be the speed this time?
Quentin: Do it like the recent advice given to us. Take your time. She's not going anywhere. Even if she did go somewhere, just be thankful that you were given the chance to know her.
Francis: I like a success story pleaze.
Anche: I'm texting her now :} "You are the apple of my kalamay ..."
Quentin: God you stupid idiot, stop making those pointless messages. She doesn't dig it ok? It's not too hard to figure that out. Especially you Francis, that mush mess you send her is NOT helping.
Francis: Hey, we'll never know. Who knows, she might get accustomed to it :}
Quentin: Just ... stop it ok. I'm sure that online flirting you doing was not a good thing. Good thing I stopped it because at least she now talks to you -- well, almost. And notice that she only responds if your messages were actually important.
Francis: Yeah yeah. So can we like, message her five times today?
Quentin: *evil eye*
Anche: That's a yes *hee hee*
Quentin: You better not be doing those missent messages thing. That is just so fake.
Francis: I think it's cute :}
Anche: Yeah, fruit!
Quentin: Guys. Be serious. I'm sure all of you at least know that she's really something.
Francis: Wow, you're beginning to sound like me. Just say it, it's ok :}
Quentin: Fuck you.
Anche: Ahaha!
Francis: All I'm afraid of is that you doing analysis paralysis again and letting her go.
Anche: Me love her like tootsie-pops :}
Quentin: That was then okay? And this one is a different person? Do you get me?
Francis: So when do we make something for her?
Quentin: I have no idea.
Anche: How about give her a sketch drawing of an anime character :} That would be so kewl
Francis: Yeah!
Quentin: I can do that. But we need to give it to her in a casual sort of way.
Francis: So long as you don't take too long that we get low blood sugar level.
Anche: I'm cool.
Quentin: Shut up.