"I think there's something on my nose".

That was the thought that was annoying me while eating dinner with her. She had a hefty serving of salad, while I had Angel Hair Pomorododowhatever (it has this really thin pasta). Just so I could stop fiddling with my nose, I just bent my head a bit downward. Anyway, I'm near-sighted, so it was better looking at her eyes without my glasses. Maybe I should have asked her if I am chinky -- I think I have large eyes.

"There's one thing I like when December comes".
"Really? What is it"?
"When the coffee flowers bloom".

The night was not as cool as some other nights that passed by. At least it's nice that it's not chilly (or not nice?). My fingers weren't numb enough after that gunfight bout, though I secretly like racing cars even though it's been almost like a decade since I've been behind the wheel. I tested her punches, and am glad to say it's strong enough to put sense back into me when I'm being a jerk :}

"I hate food colored blue."
"Yeah, it's so unnatural".

Met a few friends while walking to Starbucks. For sure, there'll be like fifteen other people who will know in the morning :$ so much for keeping things private -_-

I wonder if she'd like to watch Kingkong again?