I went to greenhills with a cherubim {tee hee} and was awed at how much the place has changed. Gone are the closed-knit alleys were tons of all-stuff are jam-packed with wares. It is now replaced by a mall, neat, air-conditioned, orderly, and boring. The place has become real spacious, with the tiangge still located somewhere in a crude, unrefined room. Ironically, that's where most of the people are at. We looked for PS2 deals and had to hurry it up because closing time was eight.

I would have imagined this place to be crowded during the peak of the holiday season. Now it's nicely tolerable. What I lament is the fact that the old haunting places (the third floors I guess) are gone. Places where people of geekdom and poor hygiene mingle amongst the elite to battle it out in games both card and electronic in nature.

The cherubim got hungry so we ate dinner where there's kimchi :}


Oh yeah. Went to my first jogging session today. I am soo out of shape. I woke up 5 in the morning, and lied back to bed at about 8 (hehe). My legs are swollen.