The male adolescent still in me can't get enough of this anime/manga title. It was only about a year ago or so when I got hold of Berserk and absolutely loved it, both of the art and the story line. Ofcourse this one is not for the fainthearted because therein contains blood, gore, violence, sex, and all sorts of black human emotions.

But don't let that fool you off.

This is also about strength, courage, bravery, loyalty, friendship, and love. The ultimate journey of a man from madness and back, and the very thing that eats the hearts of all people who lived and breathed on this earth -- why is there a God? And why should we believe in him if your life is but a sacrifice?

Enter the one-eyed swordsman, Guts as he endured all the pain that can be inflicted on a human being, as well as his pyshopathic struggle with the spirit of the berserker inside him whose only intent on destroying everything even those he he swore to protect.

The story isn't finished by Miura-sensei, and I must say, it is an astounding epic worthy of all medieval fantasy fiction fans like me. Only an eastern mind can turn a western-themed opera this unique. <3 Miura

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