- Q.Montejo

Strangely happy today for some reason. Here's a diddly, simple poem, not much :}

Maybe someday you'll look my way
Though today your eyes belong not to me
But to things I know not, maybe care not
To which someday I would like to see

Amidst the smoke of your cigarettes
You'd probably won't see me at all
The calm exterior I project and set
Is a big commercial sign that rudely call

"Disturb me" or "Step on me" or "Hey you"
Yet you sit there, just cool and unmindful
While a hundred world wars have come and gone
Inside my head, where lives something beautiful

A simple thought, a cloud puff and then some
One you wouldn't hear with all the noise
Made by the clinks those beer bottles make
As I push away these words on my cellphone toy ...