I'm on a posting row :}

When technologies are starting out. I think Rails would be a good example of this now, JBoss an example of years past, you need the fans. The people who use something because they love it, because they see what it can be, and because they feel a personal connection to it. They will defend it even when they are wrong, they will tell as many people as they can about it, and a % of them will spend their time making the technology better.
- Matt Giacomini, The Server Side

I guess geeks still know something about love, do we not? Regardless if it is not even human ... we just you know, stick to just one out of all the foolish reasons. After all, this world is so vast that success stories come out from the persistent, as well as from the lucky.

But, here's another good one

>> To be productive you have to be Fan of the tools you use.

I disagree. Being too much of a fan of any tool tends to blind you to better possibilities and to the weaknesses of the tools you love. To play off an old saying, if you love your hammer too much, all your problems tend to look much like nails. A more objective and detached view of the tools available leads to better decision making. Tool love is an indicator of professional immaturity. (I grant you that tool like makes your job more enjoyable.)

- William Childers, The Server Side

I usually spend hours reading these people (either to bash or to banter). Good experience :}