"On any given Sunday you’re gonna win or you’re gonna lose. The point is — can you win or lose like a man?"
-Tony D'Amato, Any Given Sunday

I'm not sure if the things I post in this blog make me look like a softie (well, I really don't care, heh). But it goes for the record that I can make difficult decisions and stand by it. I've given up my love for arts for a course that would actually benefit me in the long run. Well, not I'm going to enumerate each and everything I did so as not to look like a self-important buffoon.

Seriously, at least one person knows what I can do. Perhaps the only person who believes in me and is still believing in me -- my beloved mom (and well my auntie ... I have two moms). So for you Mama, I love you and Merry Christmas. I may not fulfill that one promise to you, but I'm sure above all, you're the woman with the strongest heart and and whose mind is the hardest of steel :*}