Last night I got letters from two women I adore and love (one of them has her blog over there at the left *hint* *hint*). Both of them are in the US and have posted about them many times in my blog. It somehow gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling that despite the distance in miles and in time, they find it in their busy schedules to think about some urban hermit procastinating the nights away in drunken stupor (wait a minute, I'm never drunk).

I've forgotten what I've really done or have done for them but you know, things like this do mean to me (a new pair of shoes also mean to me hee hee, I'll post about it next week). So somehow my dream of dying cold and alone on top of a hill at night might be too farfetched after all.


hello! merry christmas, happy new year, happy birthday! how are you?

it's our christmas party on saturday. we'll be spending it in one of the houses here (pinoy din). i hope it'll be fun.

i have been reading the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. i have not finished it yet, but i think you'll like it. go grab a copy of your own, and i know you'll thank me for recommending this to you.

sorry if my letter is like a bulleted note. that's exactly how my thoughts are. no specific constructions, just a bunch of random thoughts given out piecemeal.

it's started to feel cold here. it snowed once, but it didn't last the whole day. by late afternoon, the streets were wet with melted snow. they say that's how it is here in arkansas. it does not really snow as thickly as in the other states.

i'm wearing turtle neck shirts and thermals everyday. i'm not sure i can ever manage walking out the door without these on. brrr!

i am missing my family so much. i don't want to say anything more because i know i'll just cry (sniff..)

have you heard michael buble's home? i like it so much it breaks my heart (sniff.. sniff..)

we just went back from chicago, where we celebrated thanksgiving and waltz's birthday. it was so much fun, i hope we may come back!

i still have to buy waltz a christmas gift. i think i know what to give him, i'm just not sure if i can afford. i'll probably end up buying him a tshirt instead. hehe!

i just had a terrible encounter with one of the pinoys here. pls don't ask ivy about this because i'm really not comfortable hearing my story spoken by another person. let's just say it was unpleasant, but it was such an opportune moment to show them i have class and breed. ang taray! :)

so all in all, i'm ok, waltz is ok. we're missing home, but i guess, this is home now. if only christmases allow for people to travel in a wave of one's hand, to just be with those who matter most. i better stop being sappy no?

so, where's my christmas gift???


Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime -- Got it.

And here's to you two beautiful people both in heart and in face (nyehehe: sorry can't help it), Merry Christmas and may you both have all the love in the world!