I've started cleaning out the gunk of years past as early as today (didn't wait for New Year).

- flushing out stuff in my wallet that has been in there for years. Yeap, the only thing old in there should be my college id. Heck my ex two years ago is still in there o_O
- stuff in my office drawer ... mostly documents. Reminds me to get a request for getting all my things that was stored by logistics years ago, including two of my most precious belongings -- my college diary and my laptop's plug-in dvd player

I'm going to trash out old calling cards and stuff, and get a fresh new set. I just got a bald haircut last night, and bought a new pair of running shoes. Starting tomorrow, I'm going out jogging again and melt away all those carbos-turned-fats that's been renting on my tummy.

I never did like becoming buff. I just want to be stupid strong minus the 'ahnold' bulges. Fortunately, my roommates installed a nifty set of bars I could pull up myself with. I tried it, and ... I couldn't lift all 170 lbs of myself (which btw, makes me a heavy man for my slimmish body type).

I really need that jog. I've discovered years ago that it's one of the few things that cleanses my mind whenever I think too much about something. I would've preferred swimming but it's too much of a hassle compared to the open road just outside. It's a good thing some sort of phenomenon has adjusted my body clock to wake up at around five in the morning.

So there you have it folks. My plans for next year? I could probably be out of the country or something (hope not, the money is good tho). I'll study for another certification exam (SCWCD for those techies who know). If things look up, I'd like to date only one person next year, I just hope the chocolates I gave her for Christmas count for something, I can only hope though. Anyway, I'll go places some more, hopefully not drink some more *tee hee* or I would be jogging at twice the rate.

I'll be buying a new set of barongs and pants. Maybe I could do it tonight -_-

*munches on pistachio nuts*

I'm sort of excited at the prospect of a new year coming up. Never felt this way in a long time.