I've always claimed I have a low memory span.

But aside from munching brain food every now and then (or munch on brains in case I become a zombie), the reason why I have a bad memory span is because I choose to. And so without risking the emo side of that, I have come to a plan of action.

I will slowly, gradually collate my most vivid memories of the past decades. I've
lived fairly long (read: I'm old and creaky). Reconstruct those memories and see what I could make of it while re reading them.

Not that doing that makes this blog less pansy >:D

Starting a blog was about a fifth of the effort, since I've only journaled about the last six years or so. But there are stuff there that's largely unchronicled. Incidentally, it'll be useful only to me and useless for everybody else. This is the web anyway. Who cares.