Ever since I've had my place, it looks like this place turned into a food blog.

I guess when I'm busy enough, all those chaos inside my head wouldn't manifest itself into something decidedly ugly.

Which in itself is a good thing.

Lots of exciting stuff ahead still. There's so much possibility with this kind of freedom. Now that I don't sink myself into work that much (yeah, once the clock hits the 8 hour limit, I split) I'm beginning to explore things that I'd really like doing.

Pretty much surprised myself that I like exploring culinary pursuits. And I thought my hands are made for clicking mice.


I've bought a bag of rice, of Dinorado variety. I think when I was a kid, this was one of the more expensive ones. Knowing me however, I really don't care much about price.

What I realized when I bought it is that it gives off a handsome scent. Almost 'creamy' like what you would say to a dairy product. Isn't that interesting? When settled, it seems to form a neat pattern probably because of the shape of the grain.