I plan to invite guests in my little room for dinner every now and then. However, if there's gonna be eating, I'd need a larger table. I do have a table where my laptop is, but it sure is not enough to hold a nice munch session.

It's more of a breakfast table / ironing board / what-have-you kind of table. For the most part, it serves the purpose at present. So I'm hunting for a relatively cheap folding table that's nice in the little room I have. That would mean I need some more chairs. Geez, I'm spending so much for something I won't use for long (maybe).

I dunno about any 'feminine touch'. But if it makes my room even nicer without making it look claustrophobically crowded, I'm all for it.

I'm thinking of a few candles here and there. Then again, that suggests I like the room hotter than it already is without the air con on. Pretty sure my electric bills this month would be the biggest I'll pay since I've been using appliances like there's no tomorrow.

Initially thought of some blooming stuff, but that's just gay. The best I came up with is a board with prints of my photographs. I have yet to see something that will do just that. Or just one huge-ass poster of my favorite shots.

Hmm what to do what to do