I call them Why-So-Serious Cookies

Today I was trying to make cheese cake. Damn thing is difficult to accomplish. What always comes out of my oven is some bread like material and none of that delectable, creamy cake I see at cafe shops.

Or maybe it's because I'm looking at the wrong online source? :D


I think I already have everything in my place. In fact, I just got myself a skateboard whom I christen "Angry Mac" because of a constipated visage design under the board. I'll have his mug up one of these days.

Rediscovering fun is fun. Last Saturday night I was trying to make Starcraft work on a cable connection with an officemate. It took us more than a couple of hours before calling it a night. But it was fun trying to figure out how to a) Start Starcraft without the CD b) get a game going. We didn't really reach the last part but that's fine. There're more opportunities to come.

Til then. En Taro Adun!