Yeah, typing this in my fave hangout when alone *hint* *hint*. Getting tired of Guild Wars because I no longer have my buds in the office to play with me. Meaning to go home and play Prophecies 2 instead (yes, I'll be a game addict forever).

I decided today, I'll break away for a while from being myself (huh?). Since it's still just the second month of the year, it would be good if I could do something out of the ordinary, better yet, do something that I don't expect of myself.

Not be a gamer? Yeah, I could do that *ulp*. Do some yoga thing to diffuse the little imps inside my head? Yeah, could be, I think I tried that before.

I mentioned to my gal best friend before about me being an urban hermit, a minimalist, a basic human being; that I need so little from this world. Food, stuff to wear, and maybe a source of music, then you have me happy baby. I detest putting clutter in my life -- my cellphone, my wallet (yes, I wish I could freely go around without one). I like the pain on my muscles after working hard. Oh and yeah, I also detest gyms. Pay for something to be fit? Bah, I'd rather do something to be fit while working. Say, carry LPG tanks :}

Then I realized I am a hermit because technically, I depend on no one -- and as King Arthur (Sean Connery) said to Lancelot (Richard Gere) in the movie First Knight, a person who depends on no one, loves no one. I am my own world, my own captain, my own warrior. When I get sick (health or otherwise), I am my own doctor. Reminds me of the time when I woke up with a really high fever, and I have to stand up and walk all the way to Mandaluyong circle to buy medicine. I ate lunch at Jollibee on the verge of collapsing while each bite of food felt painful, each breath feeling heavy (at least successful in spreading germs in there, me thinks). Heck, I even research what I am currently ill of and cure it myself (do note people, this is not a good practice ... always consult a medical expert).

I only need to remember that I don't have to fight alone. I don't want to be ronin that fights for no one but himself.