Slept at 8:00 pm. Woke up at 1:34 am. Slept again, woke up 6:56 am.

That was about 11 hours of sleep. Watched Will and Grace. Laughed my ass off. Supposed to eat the left over prunes but it might give me the shits again. Took a bath. Did the laundry while in the bath. Looked at my closet for any formal stuff to wear that I need not iron. Found none. Took out a short-sleeved, pseudo-barong polo shirt. Ironed it. Still dunno how to iron well. Wore it. Put pants/socks/stuff on. Didn't use the perfume today. Went to office. Still late. Thought it was still Wednesday. But it was Thursday, and I need to attend a seminar.

It's a record today that there's not just three thoughts coming in my head but about three hundred. I think I will be immune to Alzheimer's. Which is good. I'm hungry. And right now, I feel like poking everybody else's eyes who's reading this blog.